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400 MHz superconducting cavities for LHC

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The Cavity Technology group is responsible for the production of the 21 superconducting cavities at 400 MHz and their cryostats, 16 of which will be installed in the tunnel (8 per beam) and the remaining 5 will be stored as spares. The cavity are single cells and have been built with the same technology successfully used for LEP cavities; they are made of copper on which a thin layer (1-2 mm) is deposed by magnetron sputtering. The production includes 90 Higher Order Mode couplers of two different types, for the damping of longitudinal and transverse HOMs. The production of the power couplers is under the responsibility of the SL/HRF group. 


The Superconducting single cell cavities have been produced according to the following specification:


This is a list of some the articles or technical notes concerning the cavities.







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