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Cavity Technology

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Activities & Skills

Coupled RF & Mechanical Design of normal conducting and superconducting cavities

Engineering for industrial production

Technology transfer to suppliers

Internal and External Production of cavities

RF Measurements (room temperature and superconducting)

Clean room technology

Electron beam welding technology

Vacuum technology

Maintainance of superconducting cavities into LEP & SPS tunnels


Internal projects:

LEP energy upgrade program

LHC 400 MHz superconducting system

LHC 200 MHz normal conducting system

200 MHz superconducting prototype for muon acceleration

Quadrupole resonator

Reduced beta superconducting cavities: The "PIZZA" Accelerator

Optimisation of chemical treatments for massive niobium 1300 MHz cavities

LSS4/TPSG4 Design Validation

BOC Cavity


External Collaborations:

Cornell University


INFN Legnaro

INFN Genova



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